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Come visit a place where Happiness is the society's greatest goal


Journey to one of the world's smallest and most extraordinary countries in the great Himalayas... the "Dragon Kingdom" of Bhutan. Hidden between India, Tibet and Nepal, Bhutan is a proud nation of one of the earth's best-preserved ecologies and cultures. Opened to tourism only since 1974, Bhutan hosts relatively few tourists each year. The landlocked country of two million people are practicing Buddhists. They greet you with a genuine smile and penetrating personal warmth. The breathtaking countryside scenery is full of thick pine forests, raging wild rivers, mosaics of rich cultivated fields, crafted Bhutanese style farm houses, prayer flags, and fortress like Dzongs and monasteries...

The official name for the country is Druk Yul - Land of the Thunder Dragon - but due to the harmonious nature of the society, it has acquired the additional nickname of Deki Druk (Yul) - (Land of) the Peaceful Thunder Dragon.

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